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Watch out for obelisks, chessboards and mind probes - it's The Five Doctors!

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Harry fiddles with a knob, Sarah passes out and the Doctor gets in a sweat on The Ark in Space.

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Adric trips over nothing and Richard Mace runs off for a squirter. Don't miss the lads' take on The Visitation.

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The lads get their minds fudged by The Mind Robber.

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We're back with some more archive "classics" this month, starting with a video nasty which is a searing indictment of video nasties, Vengeance on Varos.

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Jim and Martin delve into the patchy Seventh Doctor era and pull out a plum.

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Time to enter the creaky world of black and white Who with a sojourn on the mysterious, blurred planet of Vortis!

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Our first dip into the Third Doctor's era sees Jim and Martin discussing The Claws of Axos.

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Our second episode, in which Jim and Martin get on to the meat and potatoes of the podcast, discussing the Tom Baker solo outing, The Deadly Assassin.

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This is the first of our earliest 30 Krynoid PodCast episodes which we're uploading to Libsyn so that all of our episodes are accessible from the same place.

Herein, a very tentative sounding Jim and Martin discuss their history with Doctor Who and compare NuWho to Classic Who.

Apologies for the sound quality. It does get better in future episodes. And apologies for Jim's over use of samples. They start and stop here.


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Welcome to the first episode of Jim and Martin's new podcast on that other great BBC sci-fi series of the 1970s and 80s, Blake's 7.

This is just a sample episode for Krynoid PodCast listeners. Future episodes will be published at so, if you like it, please subscribe at your usual podcatcher.

There may be a delay while the first episode reaches all of its destinations so please try again if you can't find The Mutoid Podcast first time.

Over the next few months on this feed, we will be publishing the first 30 episodes of the Krynoid PodCast which are not currently hosted at Libsyn.

When this migration is completed, all of the Krynoid PodCast episodes will be available in the same places (iTunes, Spotify, etc.).


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Jim and Martin are returning to podcasting... with a surprising plot twist.

Listen here or on Spotify.

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An announcement on the future of the Krynoid PodCast.

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So it’s time to go home for Andy Pandy fangirl, Sarah Jane Smith.

And there’s a hand pulling the strings in this show too, giving tupperware a bad name and Professor Watson a bad day at the power plant.

Handily, crystalline cosmic crook Eldrad can reform herself from her moribund mitt and then she herself suffers from a wandering hand from her leading man.

For a change, we leave a quarry to land on an alien planet where ‘she’ becomes a ‘he’, the decibel level rockets and he – and the serial – fall off a cliff.

But is it OK to fancy Eldrad?

How many (if any) puerile ‘ring’ jokes should be allowed in one podcast episode?

And do Jim and Martin think The Hand of Fear deserves a thumbs up? Or do they give it the finger?

Listen and you might get an answer to some or none of the above.

The lads also review the brand new audiobooks of Dalek and The Crimson Horror!

Also available on Spotify.

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Welcome to The Fun Factory: trespassers will be self-prosecuted.

The Valeyard (aka The Flaw Doctor) makes the most of a unique Time Lord feature and gives his own SJW predecessor a right legal leathering on Space Station SFX.

But they still find time for trips to Camber Quicksands and Popplewick’s House of Exploding Quills, where the waiting room is spacious but gives you that sinking feeling.

The Doctor quotes, the Master gloats and Glitz dotes on bank notes, while the Keeper is not averse to the odd slide tackle to protect his Panatropic Net (even though Mel always aims for row Z).

But did Jim and Martin find The Ultimate Foe ultimately forgettable or a worthy way to end an era?

Listen to find out.

The lads also review the audiobooks of The Krotons and The Curse of Fenric.

Also available on Spotify.

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You may think life can’t get much worse at the moment but locked-down Brexity Britain looks positively idyllic compared to Blighty under the rubber skirt of Dalek rule.

This septic isle is overrun with motorised dustbins, headphone-wearing dullards who’ve really let themselves go and the most unrealistic pet since K9.

The Doctor falls on his coccyx, Susan falls in love, Ian falls out of a door and Babs falls in with a rough crowd and TWOKs a dustcart. Luckily, a fratricidal fellow rebel lends two hands and Mr Rumbold lends his ears but the perma-grumpy Mrs Briers fails to stop Babs succumbing to crones.

Would you buy a used mattress from a Dalek?

Is the entry exam for the Roboman Academy too difficult?

How many floating corpses would it take to put you off a glass of water?

And did Jim and Martin find The Dalek Invasion of Earth to be a glorious triumph or a misbegotten folly?

Listen to find out!

The lads also review the audiobooks of Fury From The Deep and The Awakening.

Also available on Spotify.

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