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The Krynoid PodCast boys welcome you back to the Green Cathedral this Yuletide to offer you perhaps the closest thing to a pantomime that '60s Who gets, The Underwater Menace.

What the heck is the Doctor wearing and why?

Is the rest of the Atlanteans' male grooming as lax as their eyebrows?

How will Polly's groovy new gills go down on the swinging King's Road?

And did this soggy saga float Jim and Martin's boats or was it like watching a shipwreck?

Listen to find out! 

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Thanks for listening and Happy Holidays!

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We return to Who with a tale of secret enemies, ostentatious acting and stentorian asides.

Will the Keeper ever escape his shower cubicle?

Will aubergines ever replace Rice Krispies?

Will Tom Baker ever wipe his nose?

And will The Keeper of Traken give Jim and Martin a new lease of life or leave them calcified?

Listen to find out! 

00:00 Intro and context

04:56 A walkthrough of the story

1:22:06 A review of the story

2:10:48 Summing up and scores

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