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The Sixth Doctor gets a second outing with this tale of hard men, frigid women and a Fat Controller. And marvel as Jim shamelessly steals Fry and Laurie material in the intro.

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Time for the story which gave our pod its name. A horticultural tale in which an artistic old bat recovers a debt, a tree-hugger becomes compost and Boycie ends up out of his depth with a gardening problem.

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Burn your chess boards and steer clear of the beach... Fenric's in town! Look out for teenage vamps, ancient vampires and the strangest chat-up of all time. And give Nicholas Parsons just a minute of your time before crying "stunt casting!"

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Doctor Who is required to suffer a swinging night club, a controlled companion and a Savile comparison, all while trying to defeat a computerised menace with a vendetta against cardboard boxes.

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An absolute banger involving our newly dandified hero stealing a banger. Plastic killers, a shiny receptionist and a tea-dribbling basket case thrown in.

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Watch out for obelisks, chessboards and mind probes - it's The Five Doctors!

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Harry fiddles with a knob, Sarah passes out and the Doctor gets in a sweat on The Ark in Space.

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Adric trips over nothing and Richard Mace runs off for a squirter. Don't miss the lads' take on The Visitation.

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The lads get their minds fudged by The Mind Robber.

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This time, Jim and Martin gaze in horror at a video nasty which intends to be a searing indictment of [checks notes...] video nasties. 

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Jim and Martin delve into the patchy Seventh Doctor era and pull out a plum.

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Time to enter the creaky world of black and white Who with a sojourn on the mysterious, blurred planet of Vortis!

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