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Our Earlier Episodes

The Krynoid PodCast has been going since 2009 but originally only the episodes from 031 onwards were hosted here.

We've now uploaded episodes 001 to 020 here to make them available on iTunes, Spotify, Audible, Amazon Music, etc. along with the later episodes and will continue to do so over the next few months until all of the first 30 episodes are uploaded.

In the meantime, episodes 021 to 030 can be downloaded here.

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Roving reporter, Sarah Jane Smith, gets more of a scoop than she bargained for when she gatecrashes UNIT's scientist sleepover.

But although she meets a roistering robber baron, a lily-livered lord and a stranded space toad (not to mention Dot Cotton and Boba Fett), she fails to get an interview with any of them.

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The First Doctor and chums go for a whistle-stop tour of the wonderful world of Marinus.

Which is a great holiday venue, providing you avoid its cities, mountains, seas and jungles. And the intrepid traveller should also beware of flappy-footed gimps, trouserless tour guides, randy trappers and the Knights Who Say "Ni".

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The Doctor and Romana go on their hols for a water and bouillabaisse blowout by the banks of the Seine. 

Naturally, things do not run smoothly as an ancient alien, a mad scientist and a pugilistic private dick muddy the waters and they're surrounded by fake, if enigmatic, smiles.

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The Third Doctor probably thought things were bad enough - stuck on Earth as he was with a dud TARDIS, a scatty hippy and a bunch of squaddies.

But now he has to contend with CSO in his sink, a bunch of Mr Blobbys on his lawn and a loud-mouthed mentalist with a grudge. Luckily his former selves turn up to make things even worse. 

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Back to re-uploading our 30 earliest episodes...

Avian headgear ahoy! Yes, the Black and White Guardians are back to oversee a space race in which Turlough goes overboard, Gladys Emmanuel is over the top and Leeee John is overestimated as an actor.

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