Doctor Who: The Krynoid PodCast

Jim and Martin delve into the patchy Seventh Doctor era and pull out a plum.

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Time to enter the creaky world of black and white Who with a sojourn on the mysterious, blurred planet of Vortis!

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Our first dip into the Third Doctor's era sees Jim and Martin discussing The Claws of Axos.

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Our second episode, in which Jim and Martin get on to the meat and potatoes of the podcast, discussing the Tom Baker solo outing, The Deadly Assassin.

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This is the first of our earliest 30 Krynoid PodCast episodes which we're uploading to Libsyn so that all of our episodes are accessible from the same place.

Herein, a very tentative sounding Jim and Martin discuss their history with Doctor Who and compare NuWho to Classic Who.

Apologies for the sound quality. It does get better in future episodes. And apologies for Jim's over use of samples. They start and stop here.


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