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Scream if you want to leave faster!

That seems to be Victoria’s tactic as she sobs, whimpers and shrieks her way out of the show in Fury From The Deep.

Indeed, old Leather Lungs’ prodigious output is harnessed to harass some killer kelp and make its human puppets less weedy – even beating the expert man-mismanager John Robson for decibels in the process.

Jamie opts out of a foam party and, for a change, it’s the Doctor who can’t control his chopper. Meanwhile, Mr Wint and Mr Kidd need to rethink their dental hygiene regimes and Perkins would be better off seeking his raison d’etre than searching for a spouse.

Has Maggie Harris been at the Mother’s Ruin?

Does the new animation place the story deeper within the long arms of the lore?

And did Fury From The Deep sweep Jim and Martin along or leave them beached on the shores of ennui?

Listen to find out.

The lads also review the audiobooks of The Dominators and Dragonfire.

Also available on Spotify.

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