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A museum? On a planet, you say?

Amazingly, that’s just where TARDIS brings Doctor Who and chums in The Space Museum. But the problems here are worse than an expensive gift shop, a blocked urinal or a coach party of feral school kids.

For the planet Xeros is occupied by the moaning Morocks, a race only slightly less pathetic than the indigenous teenage beatniks, among whom subjugation raises barely/only an eyebrow.

And our plucky travellers have problems of their own, chiefly their future starring roles in the most boring tourist attraction since the financially disastrous Sensorites’ Sexy Sashes exhibition.

Our heroes deal with the trauma in their own individual ways though, with the Doctor kipping for an episode, Vicki stirring up the students, Babs having a smoke break and Ian chewing her cardigan.

Will the time travellers evade their fate?

Would you buy a used glass from Vicki?

What day is Nude Day on the TARDIS?

And did Jim and Martin find themselves informed and entertained by The Space Museum or is it just a dusty old relic?

Listen to find out!

The lads also review the audiobooks of The Curse of Peladon and Image of the Fendahl.

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