Doctor Who: The Krynoid PodCast
082: The Face of Evil

"Well now, it seems I have been here before."

You have: Planet of Evil. Well... only up to a point.

Sure the red-outlined empty creatures from the id are here again but this time they have Tom Baker's distinctive fizzog. As does the local equivalent of Mount Rushmore (although the DVD cover features someone else entirely, for some reason...).

And cheap terrifying invisible monsters are causing a rumble in the jungle again, but this time they're accompanied by sultry space savage turned stowaway, a shape-throwing shaman whose hat fits like a glove, a chieftain who's just been Tango'd, and the campest IT support team ever seen. Throw in a computer with more voices than Rob Culshaw and you have one of the most bonkers bouillabaisses of the Baker era.

Martin reveals he's a Horda hoarder and Jim displays a positively Luddite awareness of current technological thinking, but do they like The Face of Evil? Or do they turn their own, even more reviled countenances away in disgust?

Listen to find out...

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  • Another Tom Baker - Yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, excellent podcast (as always) for a story I never really rated too highly until I watched it again recently on the Horror channel. Good ideas (mostly) well realised, some great acting (& of course this being Dr Who, some not so great), clever dialogue the & the best Doctor & companion paring. Thank you again Martin & Jim, I always look forward to your monthly podcast, and it is always uniformly excellent, even when I don't agree with your ratings/views or when it's any Doctor other than 3, 4 or 5. Great stuff, please keep it up.

    posted by: Tom Morahan on 2016-06-24 16:49:18

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